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The conference organizing committee invites contributions in all areas related to power and energy technologies, including (but not limited to) the following:


Track I-Semiconductor Physics and Devices

Track II-Electromagnetic field and microwave technology

Semiconductor devices and superconducting materials

Basic Theory of Electromagnetic Field

Semiconductor theory and semiconductor circuit

Microwave and millimeter wave theory and technology

Solid physics foundation

Microwave and millimeter wave devices

Semiconductor Physics

Microwave transmission

Transistor manufacturing technology

Plane electromagnetic wave

Power semiconductor devices and power integrated circuits

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Semiconductor device reliability

Electromagnetic waves and matter

Semiconductor integrated circuit

Computational Microwave and Computational Electromagnetics

Basic properties of semiconductor materials

Theory and application of terahertz

MOS field effect transistor

Theory and Technology of Microwave Spectrum

Semiconductor device manufacturing technology

Electromagnetic scattering and inverse scattering

Microelectronic Technology

Microwave and millimeter wave system engineering

Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

RF and microwave solid-state circuit design

Integrated Circuit Design and Manufacturing

Microwave remote sensing


Track III-Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments

Track IV-Power Electronics and Power Drives

MEMS-micro sensors and structures

Circuits and Systems

Intelligent instrument and detection technology

Power electronic circuit simulation and design

Virtual instrument and application

New electronic devices and systems

Measurement and control

Intelligent control technology of electrical system

Smart instrumentation

Power electronics in automobiles, traction and aerospace

Technical innovation of CNC equipment

Power quality and electromagnetic compatibility

Precision instrument design and manufacturing

Power system modeling, simulation and analysis

Instrumentation design and manufacture

Power system protection, operation and control

Precision Machinery and Instruments

Reliability and safety of power system

Measurement and control instrument design

Electric vehicle technology

Medical equipment

Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus

Detection technology and automation device

Motors, power electronics and industrial applications

Diagnosis and sensing system

High voltage engineering and insulation technology

Measurement Technology and Instruments

Inverter technology


Transmission and Distribution Systems and Apparatus